Varanus lirungensis KOCH, ARIDA, SCHMITZ BÖHME & ZIEGLER 2009
Lirung Waran

The Lirung Monitor, Varanus lirungensis, is a member of the V. indicus-group and therefore belongst to the subgenera Euprepiosaurus. The yet known specimen have a toral length of about 80 cm, with a SVL of about 36 cm.
The dorsal coloration of head, neck, back, limbs, and tail is black with several irregular scattered light scales. The belly is yellow-grey with some darker cross bands. the dorsum is black with some indistinct blotches or short crossbands, which are build of 3-8 yellow scales. Head scales have cream-yellow spots. A temporal stripe is not visible. The throat is pinkish with some light dark blotches. The tongue is dark grey only on the dorsal side, the rest is flesh-colored. The tail shows no cross bands, but numerous yellow spots are visible.

Distribution, habitat and behavior

Only a few specimen from Lirung, Talaud Island, are collected yet (KOCH et al., 2009).

Keeping and breeding
No data are published on the captive husbandry of this monitor species yet.