Varanus juxtindicus BÖHME, PHILIPP & ZIEGLER 2002
Rennell Island Monitor
  Varanus juxtindicus is a large member of the V. indicus group and therefore belongs to the subgenera Euprepiosaurus.
This species can reach a total length of up to 150 cm. The coloration and pattern on the back is very similar to V. indicus, but this species is distiguished from the other members of the V. indicus group by the absence of the blue coloration (V. yuwonoi, V. doreanus), the tail shows no bands, there is no visible band on the side of the head, the throat has no pattern, and the tongue is only slightly pigmented ath the tip.
There are 128-140 scale rows ordered around midbody. The tail is round in diameter in the first third without any keel. The length is around 1.6 times the SVL.

Distribution, habitat and behavior


The distribution of Varanus juxtindicus is endemic to Rennell Island, a small island in the southern area of the Solomon Islands archipelago.
Not very much of the behavior is known, but MCCOY (1980) reported, that this species (V. indicus in his report) is living aroud Lake Tegano on Rennell Island.

Keeping and breeding
No data are published on the captive husbandry of this monitor species yet.