Varanus boehmei JACOBS 2003
Golden-Spotted-Tree Monitor

boehmeiVaranus boehmei is part of the prasinus-group and therefore a member of the subgenera Euprepiosaurus. The groundcolor is pitch black with scattered yellow scales, forming spots and ocelli, which sometimes form several light bands across the back. There are 85 scale rows around mid body.
The tail is prehensile, like the tail of the other members of the prasinus-group, with a black ground coloration on top. The underside is on the first third uniformly pale, the rest is colored like the upper side. It is about 2 times as long as SVL.
The nostril is oval and is closer to the tip of the snout than to the eye.
V. boehmei can grow up to 35 cm (SVL) and up to 100 cm total length.


Distribution, habitat and behavior


The distribution of Varanus boehmei is restricted to Waigeo Island on the northwestern tip od the Vogelkop Peninsular of New Guinea, Irian Jaya Indonesia. There this species lives like its relatives, the other members of the prasinus-group, as a tree climber, which is clearly visible by the prehensile tail.

Keeping and breeding

REISINGER (2006) published a first report on captive husbandry. He housed 3 adult animals (1 male, 2 females) together in an enclosure a´measuring 300 x 100 x 250 cm. As lightning for this enclosure, he used one 160 W mercury preassure lamp, 3 luminescens tubes , each 36 W, and one 150 W Power Sun. The enclosure was constructed, so it could be divided into three separate compartments.
food several insects (locusts, cockroaches, crickets), rare meat (ground turkey, beef heart), and small mice and rats were offered. All food items excluded the mice and rats were dusted with a vitamine-mineral suplement.
About 6 weeks after several observed matings one female dropped 4 eggs in a plastic container, filled with damp substrate. The incubation temperature was about 28°C and after 174 -179 day of incubation, 3 babies hatched. They had a mean SVL of 91 mm and a total length between 223 and 232 mm. The boday mass was between 9 and 9.4 g. The raising of the offspring was without any problems.