Varanus flavescens (HARDWICK & GRAY 1827)
Yellow Monitor

flavescensVaranus flavescens is the smallest member of the subgenera Empagusia. The total length of the Yellow Monitor can be between 70 to 92 cm, which is reported by SARKER (1987) and AUFFENBERG et al. (1989).
The major color of the Yellow Monitor is a yellowishly green interrupted by brighter ocelli, which are ordered in crossways rows on the back. The tip of the snout is rounded, the nostril is longish and is located closer to the tip of the snout than to the eye. 84 - 104 scale rows are around midbody. The tail is squeezed together at the side and can be approximately 1.2 - 1.3 times as long as SVL.

Distribution, habitat and behavior


The distribution of Varanus flavescens extends from Bangladesh, across Nepal, to north India and Pakistan (SMITH 1932, MINTON 1966, AUFFENBERG et al. 1989).
In the past, the Yellow Monitor was always seen as member of the species, which prefer to live in dry hot savannas. But that is not true. These animals actually prefer to live close to water however (HORN pers. comm.).

Keeping and breeding
VISSER (1985) reports about a success in captive breeding of V. flavescens at the Rotterdam Zoo. A female laid 7 eggs, which were incubated in damp peat sand mixture at 30°C. After 155 days a living young animal emerged from the last remaining egg. Unfortunately, the young animal died already the next day.