Lizard Print In Motorcycle Jacket And Helmet

Motorcycling is now more popular than ever. Previously, people used to be more apprehensive about riding motorcycles because their lower reliability made them less safe to ride. However, with today’s technological advancements, motorcycles are more reliable than ever. Bikes come with a number of safety features such as ABS brakes and traction control which makes them safer to ride. This has resulted in more people considering motorcycle riding. In fact, with global warming being a pivotal concern for modern society, motorcycles stand as a more power-efficient alternative to cars. Motorcycles can transport people across the same distances while using substantially less fuel.

Despite technological advancements, motorcycle riding still isn’t completely safe, especially when compared to driving cars. However, there are a number of steps which riders can take to keep themselves prepared in case of a mishap. The easiest way to stay prepared is to invest in good protective gear that can cushion your fall and let you walk out of minor mishaps unscathed. The first and foremost thing to do is to invest in a good helmet. A helmet fulfills the job of protecting the most vital and important part of a person: his brain. The brain is one of the most fragile organs of human body. At the same time, it’s also one of the most important, since it controls the rest of the body and makes us who we are. This is why wearing a good, strong helmet is so important. It can make the difference between life and death. Finding a good helmet shouldn’t be hard as it’s simply a matter of checking out the best helmet you can get online.

Another, often overlooked, a piece of protective gear is the motorcycle jacket. Motorcycle jackets are stronger than normal jackets as they’re almost always made of leather. They are designed to protect a rider’s body in the event of a fall. It does a very good job of protecting the rider’s skin when sliding on the road at high speed. Though the jacket may be ruined, your skin will be fine. Normal clothes don’t do much to protect a person when he slides on a road. They tear within seconds, leaving bare skin exposed and vulnerable. This can result in what’s called a “road rash” which is a large and painful burn.

Some leather motorcycle jackets also have cushion pad inserts to cushion the impact of collisions. This can prevent bones from being fractured and save a rider from additional agony and pain.

Besides shielding you in the event of an accident, gear like helmets and leather jackets also serve another function. They can be worn as style statements. Modern helmets and leather jackets look so good that they make you look better when you’re on your bike. Leather jackets usually come in either black or brown. If you want the best brown leather jacket for biking, you’ll have to choose one from a reputed manufacturer like Dainese or Alpinestars.

Helmets are also available in a variety of styles. One of the recent trends is to have lizard prints. Lizard prints are vinyl designs which cover bike helmets and make them look more aggressive. They’ve been gaining popularity because they look unique and make the wearer look mysterious.

Helmets aren’t the only items which are available with lizard prints, even leather jackets are getting them. While helmets got lizard print designs thanks to vinyl stickers, leather jackets usually feature lizard prints in the form on an embroidered pattern patched on. Some cheaper jackets could feature a lizard design painted on, instead. It’s not advised to choose these cheaper varieties since the printed design will fade away in no time.